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Practical Life Skills are Essential for Young Learners

"Let me do it!" or "By myself!" In Hamlin classrooms, studentsย can engage in hands-on learning activities withย ย long-lasting benefitsย connecting to future lessons.

Our HeadStart Program provides extra layers of support for children and their families through a variety of services.

Rather than separating everyone who gets funding, we have created an inclusive environment where the focus is on the students and receiving equal opportunities.

Students Utilize Resources for Study and Research

Students as young as 3rd grade begin to try their skills at research, learning how to follow a subject through multiple sources.

Hamlin Collegiate ISD will not turn away any 3 or 4 year old who is potty-trained and ready to learn.
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Welcome to Hamlin Collegiate Elementary

Gone are the days of the "sit and get" education. Our campus is striving to transform into a hands-on, collaborative, and engaging learning experience for our students!

We invite your child to learn grit, aspiration, HOPE, and self-advocacy to prepare for the brightest future.

We offer a small, safe environment with kind teachers, engaging work, and high aspirations for students and staff.

We'd love to show you around our updated campus with beautiful work materials, upgraded safety features, and three playgrounds.

Distinctly Hamlin: Our Blog

tips for encouraging your child’s natural curiosity and ability to learn for years to come