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Absence Policy

TEA 90% Rule 

All absences, both excused and unexcused count toward the 90% rule in Texas.

School Truancy measures include: When a student between ages 6 and 19 incurs unexcused absences for

A) Three (3) or more days or parts of days within a four-week period, the school will send a notice to the student’s parent, as required by law, to remind the parent that it is the parent’s duty to monitor his or her child’s attendance and to require the student to come to school. 

(B)The notice will also inform the parent that the district will initiate truancy prevention measures and request a conference between school administrators and the parent. These measures will include a behavior improvement plan, school-based community service, or referrals to either in-school or out-of-school counseling or other social services. 

(C) Any other measures considered appropriate by the district will also be initiated. 

The truancy prevention facilitators for the district are Bambi Teaff for Elementary and Dr. Edgar Reed for High School. If you have questions about your student and the effect of his or her absences from school, please contact one of the facilitators. A court of law may also impose penalties against a student’s parent if a school-aged student is deliberately not attending school. 

(D) A complaint against the parent may be filed in court if the student is absent without excuse from school on ten or more days or parts of days within a (6) six month period in the same school year. 

(E) If a student ages 12–18 incurs unexcused absences on ten or more days or parts of days within a (6) six-month period in the same school year, the district, in most circumstances, will refer the student to truancy court. Loss of credit will occur after 10 days and students will have to make up time. 

Please review the complete section regarding Attendance on pages 16-20 of the Student Handbook.